Fix Medicare/-aid vs. Complete Overhaul   What is your stance on U.S. healthcare reform?

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Fix Medicare/-aid
Complete Overhaul

ShepetivkFargo RU Observer (1 year 3 months ago)

У Шепетівці вшановувал и пам'ять Ігоря Ляшенка /2893-vandaly-spliun druvaly-mohylu-mykol y-dziavulskoho.html - Вандали сплюндрува ли могилу Миколи Дзявульськ ого 8-pivdenno-zahidna-z aliznitsya-skasuvala -deyaki-primiski-ele ktrichki.html - Південно-З

Timoo RU Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

ამბობს:n eta ra icit dzalian mibntereseas ra kavs eti da ra aria vai vai cota giრსეულა დ და სრულფა

Bingjie CL Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

ამბობს: ამ წამები

John CA Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

ამბობს:r oca wamebis vieebdos uyureb xvdebi rom namdvilad chmorebi arian radgan chven mters ghirseulad moveqecit vumkurnalet da gavushvit chven imis mizani ki ar gvqonda rom isini mogvekla aramed shegvecherebina imat ki piriqit tanac raodenobas gavitvaliswinotVN:F [1.9.10_1130]please wait...VN:F [1.9.10_1130](from 0 votes)

Roberto CA Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

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Proxy CA Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

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Ria CA Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

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Orcun CA Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

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Neide RU Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

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Karinthia DE Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

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Maria CA Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

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Micheal CA Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

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Vanessa CA Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

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Mery Observer (4 years 6 months ago)

What a plaesure to find someone who thinks through the issues

Barney NL Observer (5 years 1 month ago)

My knee-jerk reaction is to say that there\'s no free will, no point to life, so don\'t think about it , but since you seem to have put a lot of thouhgt into the article, I\'ll try do do the same in my commentYou and me are in a specific situation: we are part of a group of people who see it as an active goal to understand the universe. Every scientist plays a part. So there\'s YOUR answer right there.By extention, that means that the goal of everyone else is to create a situation where

Comfort SG Observer (5 years 1 month ago)

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Rikal PL Observer (5 years 1 month ago)

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Anna Observer (5 years 1 month ago)

This is sooooo funny,still gets to the point.You are an awsmoee person and I have so much respect for you. At least you are honest. GOD bless you.

Sales NL Observer (5 years 1 month ago)

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Benny Observer (5 years 1 month ago)

A perfect reply! Thanks for tkanig the trouble.

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By: speks09, July 26, 2009


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